What We Do

Bridge Evidence Group offers mentoring and consulting services to both the broader Christian and LGBTQ communities. We work and walk with individuals and organizations as they sort through difficult concepts and realities, empowering individuals in their relationship and organizations in their influence.

Our Mission

find hope. love.

Bridge Evidence Group exists to create opportunities to evidence a bridge between the broader LGBTQ and Christian communities. We believe that this bridge is evidenced by the relationships between individuals who are part of either or both communities. We facilitate discovery and development of a foundation for mutual understanding and connection.

Our History

Bridge Evidence Group was started in the fall of 2008. Our vision was to see people who disagree come together to build relationship. We wanted people to focus on our shared humanity, on listening and understanding instead of being right. At the time, this type of space didn’t exist. Bridge Evidence Group was created to give people the opportunity to come together and talk about Christian faith and sexuality.

We recognized it is in those difficult conversations that we find opportunities to listen deeply, ask serious questions and journey with God and others in understanding. If they so desire, everyone should be able to have a relationship with God and should be afforded a community of people to encourage their Christian faith.

We are especially hopeful that LGBTQ youth will have an easier time navigating the difficulty of faith and sexuality when they have supportive people to journey with.