I am happy to recommend Bridge Evidence Group without reservation to any group that is willing to engage in an LGBT conversation. Our experience at … has been very positive. What we especially appreciated is Bridge Evidence presenters who did not push any particular agenda but did push for peaceful, reflective listening. Rather than providing answers, they suggested an honest effort to understand the experiences of others. Our group of staff is no different from most church groups. There is a wide diversity of opinion on this issue. And there is also a very large group that has not yet given this a lot of thought. So we have experienced the presentations as educational, challenging, and stimulating. We have not experienced them to be provocative or divisive in any way.

In summary, I would highly recommend Bridge Evidence Group to any church or organization that is willing to explore the topic. If they are looking for someone to tell them what to believe and why, Bridge Evidence Group is not their option. But if they want to further their understanding and dialogue, this would be my recommendation.
I am pleased to recommend the services of Bridge Evidence Group as consultants for any organization that seeks to engage in a well-informed and skillfully facilitated dialogue on a range of issues related to society’s perceptions of the LGBT community. As a faith-based social service agency that has deep and longstanding roots in West Michigan, strong ties to local churches and broad diversity of views among our employees and clients, [we] found Bridge Evidence Group to be a valuable asset in helping us work through a number of discussions on this topic that could have potentially heightened tensions, caused divisions or created confusion without their informative and balanced approach. Diane Hartig, Greg Gough and Becky Telzerow each possess excellent communication abilities, empathetic personalities and a genuine desire to listen, as well as a perceptive and creative approach that helps participants sort through their own thoughts and feel comfortable sharing them with others, even if those thoughts are in conflict or tension with other views being expressed. They have a gift for finding the common ground and for keeping the process constructive.

Bridge Evidence Group has earned the respect of my colleagues here at … through their excellence in addressing issues that in other circumstances have resulted in highly polarized outcomes. They will continue to serve as a “go to” source of expertise and support for our agency and I trust that others working with them will have similarly positive and successful results.
Diane and Greg from Bridge Evidence Group gave our organization very valuable insight into the journey one may be facing in life as they search and voice their sexual and gender identity. They also gave us information we can use right now as we work with children in need. They advised us how to pose questions so that we can help youth to voice their feelings. And they also challenged us to be aware of our own lens so we can effectively work with youth in an unbiased way. But most valuable was their message to us to remain open, non-judgmental, and to stay real with these youth. I look forward to bringing them to our volunteers and staff again.
Bridge Evidence Group has been very helpful for me and my students as we address ministry with LGBT people of God as well those dealing with gender questions. Bridge Evidence Group provides a safe space to dialogue and consider our role as ministry leaders, parents, and friends. We need a biblical, Christ centered approach to love and learn how we can all best fulfill Jesus’ command to love one another.
Each of the last seven years, Greg Gough and Diane Hartig, co-founders of Bridge Evidence Group, have presented new and always relevant information to our child advocacy group. This year, they presented the special challenges faced by foster care youth who are members of the LGBTQ community. While all foster children struggle, these children especially need the love and care of a family or good friend who will help them navigate their journey to becoming a self-accepting adult.

Bridge Evidence Group has given our advocates the tools they need to help LGBTQ youth. Our volunteers can be the one adult in their lives who will support, love, and accept LGBTQ young people, and walk alongside them during this difficult time in their lives.